I ♥ My Alleyway

This photo series seeks to reveal fragments of the odd environment of the alleyways.

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Black and white cross-portrait between Buenos Aires and its inhabitants.

Cory comes from the Mistigouch reservation, and is from the Micmac nation. He has lived in Montreal most of his life, works in an aboriginal homeless shelter and often performs traditional dances at pow-wows, this time at a hotel in downtown Montreal. “I try to participate in as many pow-wows as I can every summer; I find it empowering. As the years went by I danced more and the shyness kind of went away and was replaced by a pride now. I think it helps a lot to do the transition and become more involved in our culture, especially for a youth.”

Indigenous Montreal

Photo-essay documenting the lives of young urban Aboriginals.

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Detroit Countershots

By associating two images, this series aim to help reveal what’s hiding behind the city’s immediately visible surface.

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Steve’s Dream

Short documentary film made in Kenya with still pictures only.



This series presents the surface of degraded materials as a dialogue with time.

Des manifestants lors d’une manifestation contre une réforme du travail qui vise notamment à faciliter les licenciements, à réduire le salaire minimum et à réduire les droits au chômage. Sur une des pancartes que les manifestants portent on peut lire : « Une crise ? Non, une escroquerie ! ».

« No Es Una Crisis, Es Una Estafa »

Photoreportage sur la crise en Espagne. / Fotoreportaje sobre la crisis en España.

Sonia, a real story 
Sonia, une histoire vraie

Au-delà de l’itinérance

Portraits de personnes sans-abris se mettant en scène. / Staged portraits of homeless people.

La voie de chemin de fer reliant Nairobi à l’ouest du pays passe en plein milieu du bidonville, et sert de rue principale.

Kibera’s Paradox

Photo-essay about the paradoxes of the life in Kibera, the largest Kenyan slum.

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Etrange Autochtone

Court-métrage documentaire filmé à Paris sur la notion d’« étranger ».